To The Students
Dear Students
This is an English Medium School. You are therefore expected to speak only in English in the premises, school bus and in the public places.
Discipline is an integral part of education. Strict discipline must be maintained inside and outside the school. Any indiscipline will be seriously viewed.
Every student should behave respectfully towards the school staff members and students. Students should listen to the instructions given by the teachers/ leaders.
Pupils must reach the school at least 10 minutes before the 1st bell 7:40 a.m. Late comers should meet the principal and get signed in the allotted page in their diary. Three late arrivals would lead to the student being sent back home. They must not leave the school without the permission of the class teacher and the Principal.
All the school activities are scheduled for your benefit and exposure. So, participations in all the school programme is compulsory for all the students, unless specified otherwise.
Students should move only in single line and queue should be followed in all the places. Playing or shouting inside the school buildings is strictly forbidden.
  Excessive money, expensive and fancy stationery, electronic gadgets, playing cards, toys, tattoos, CDs, pen drives, chips, mobile phones, cameras, video games, chewing gum, fire crackers, sharp edged instruments, comics, periodicals etc. should not be brought to the school unless specially asked for by the teachers. If found, stern disciplinary action will be taken.
  Birthdays are for celebrations and students should not bring cakes or other costly sweets to the school. We suggest them to celebrate by doing a good deed which spreads happiness.
Students are not allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours. Lunch should be had in the school itself.
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