To The Parents
Dear parents,
The school diary is an effective tool for communication. You are requested to make effective use of the parents- teacher communication sheets which are provided at the back of this diary.
You are expected to check the diary of your ward every day regarding the assignments and the teacher's message to you which has to be countersigned.
You are requested to be co-operative with the School Management and staff, for the effective functioning of the school and the well being of your child.
Parents are the Co-educators, Friend and the best Guide to their children. So it is essential for you to mould the character of your ward and instill discipline in them. In the child's future interest, the teacher will take adequate corrective measures to ensure the general discipline. Our efforts will bear fruits only with positive support from the parents.
  The child is not permitted to give 'treats' to any person in the school premises.
adversely affect your child's attitude towards the school, schoolmates and the teachers.
Do make it a point to attend all school functions, open houses and the Parent Teacher meetings.
Any private tuition by the teachers of the school can only be arranged through the Principal.
Please let the class teacher know of any congenial disorder or physical or psychological or emotional problem of your ward to enable the authorities to take care during the emergencies.
Parents must notify the school in case of change of address or telephone numbers.
Ensure that your ward is regular in his/her works and studies.
Use of motor bike, cars etc. is prohibited.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school. If any student is found with a mobile phone, the same will be confiscated and will not be returned back.
Please ensure that your child comes to school in neat uniform. On the days that students are permitted to wear casual clothes, do ensure that they are suitably attired for the school.
Damage to school property, however small, will not be condoned. Stringent disciplinary measures will be taken against such offenders. The parents will have to bear expenses of the damaged property.
If the child has an injury or accident in school, first aid will be given at the school. If it is serious, the parents will be informed and the child will be taken to the hospital. However, in the event of any mishap the school does not take any legal responsibility.
Parents are requested to see that their child is having a wholesome breakfast and carries healthy snacks and lunch with them. An empty stomach is harmful to their physical as well as intellectual growth.

Do encourage your children to take part in all the school activities. Practices for the various cultural activities and the school sports will be scheduled after school hours. So kindly make necessary arrangements for their transport.
Parents and visitors are requested to meet the Principal between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and other times by appointment.
Parents, guardians or other persons are not allowed to see the children or interview their teacher during school hours without the prior written permission of the Principal. They are requested to bring their complaints, directly to the Principal and not to any member of the staff.
No vehicles are allowed inside the school compound.
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