Aims and Objectives
The aim of this Educational institution is the integral formation of the person, who as he/she grows becomes aware of the world, its people, its diverse cultures, religions and problems and prepares them to function effectively in one's chosen career, with a quality in their relationship with their creator and with those they come in contact with, for the ultimate goal of doing every thing for the greater glory of God and the good of one's neighbour.
It endeavours to give all-round education (liberal and technical and also physical, moral & spiritual, primarily to Catholics for whose education, the school is established & to the extent possible to children of all other communities)
The institution enjoys the right to manage, administer and carry on any concern of whatever nature conducive to the material, moral, educational and physical welfare of the school.
To achieve this, the sisters draw their inspiration from Jesus Christ who lived and died for the liberation and development of every person.
The life of the sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery is directed towards one goal. To strive to bring about the union of all people with one another and with God, our Father. To attain this goal, all the members of the school community, parents, pupils, teachers, administrative personnel, work in loving co-operation. They work in a spirit of service with preference for those in greatest need.
However, the main aim of the school is not only to impart instruction but in a spirit of love and service to work for the all round development of the students and to train intellectual, moral, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and aesthetic faculties. Established primarily for the education of Catholics, the school is also open to other children, irrespective of religion, caste and language.
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