General Rules
Admission and Withdrawal
Parents must be given to understand that they cannot dictate to the Management, but that the Management has a right to say on what conditions they will admit or retain pupils in their School (code).
1. Admission is granted to students depending on the vacancy in each class Students from a non-recognized school will not be admitted. Students who have attended a recognized school cannot be admitted without the Transfer Certificate of the last recognized school attended. The Transfer Certificate must be counter signed by the District/Divisional Education officer. Admission forms are to be filled up by the parents or the legal guardians.
2. Admission to class Xlth would depend on the meritorious performance in Xth Board and the provisions made thereof.
3. Notice of withdrawal should be given a month in advance, or else the fee for the following month will be charged. Such a notice should be given by the parent or guardian in writing.
4. No Transfer Certificate is issued until all dues are paid. The sample application Form is inserted in the calendar. Such certificate will be given DURING OFFICE HOURS and TWO days after the application has been submitted.
5. No certificate of any kind is issued without a prior application by the parents.

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